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Where we are this week

Here’s a quick update on where our A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT shows are this week:

FLY ME TO THE MOON by Marie Jones is at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre in Dublin. Click here for information and booking.

IN THE PIPELINE by Gary Owen is at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Click here for information and booking.

THE UNCERTAINTY FILES by Linda McLean is at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Click here for information and booking.

CALAIS by April De Angelis is at the Live Theatre in Newcastle. Click here for information and booking.

GOOD WITH PEOPLE by David Harrower is on a break before opening at Live Theatre in Newcastle next week. Click here to read the outstanding ****review in The Guardian.

We’ve been getting fantastic feedback from audiences all over the UK and Ireland for our A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT plays. Here are a few comments for THE UNCERTAINTY FILES by Linda McLean at the Live Theatre in Newcastle:

“A really thought provoking and engaging piece. Actors really inhabited the myriad characters in such a short time – very telling business with minimal props. Liked the “interview” style and very natural responses highly enjoyable.”  Karen, Lanchester

“Really interesting production. Would like to see it again. Liked the non usual.” Hazel, Newcastle

“I always love coming to the Live & I’m pleased you have new work from Paines Plough coming in – good to see excellent new writing venues joining together – will be keeping an eye out for future work (as always)” Jenny, Newcastle

We’ve also been interviewing the writers of all of our PPP plays. Here are some answers from April De Angelis, writer of CALAIS:

Is 45 minutes and max 3 actors easier or harder than 2 acts and a cast of ten? 

A one act play is definitely less slog than a two acter!

Should every play come with a complimentary pie and pint?

If every play in the universe came with a pie and a pint we’d get bored of the novelty and fatter as a constituency.

What is more scary, contemplating a blank sheet of paper, contemplating a deadline or contemplating the audience at the first performance?

The audience at a first night is the scariest. You can always tear up your writing at the end of the day..

In three words how do you feel about about the critics?

Critiscism ain’t art.

Do you agree with Thomas Edison that “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration?”

Yes, mind you it’s an elusive 1%

A lorra-lorra love for the cast of Love, Love, Love and generally all round…

From left to right back row: John Heffernan, James Barrett, Simon Darwen. From left to righ front row: Daniela Denby-Ashe and Rosie Wyatt

We honoured to be able to you to introduce James Barrett, Simon Darwen, Daniela Denby-Ashe, John Heffernan and Rosie Wyatt who make up the wonderful company for Mike Bartlett’s new play LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Whilst on LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you fancy getting into the incredible mind of Mike Barltett himself he has been chatting to about all things theatre plus a fantasy dinner party.  The Bush Theatre co-produced Mike Bartlett’s ARTEFACTS in 2008 with James Grieve directing.

Elsewhere in the world of Paines Plough, I returned late last night from yet another delightful day in Glasgow:

I took the 0539 train which got me to Glasgow at 1040 in order to be at 5 Sanda Street to meet with Kara Jackson (Stage Manager of FLY ME TO THE MOON) and Kirsten Hogg (Tour Designer for A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT) to discuss how to fit a bed, a pillow, a duvet, a chair, a wheelchair, a phone, two cds, a cd player, a lamp and seven packs of custard creams into a suitcase.  Anyone know Mary Poppins?

At 1200 it was the meet and greet for the company of April De Angelis’ CALAIS, the fourth play in the A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT Season.

At 1255 I dashed over to Oran Mor to catch the second performance of  Gary Owen’s IN THE PIPELINE. What a great way to spend 52 minutes with exquisite narrative and touching performances; I must confess I could not resist temptation and did have a pie and a pint!

At 1405 back over to 5 Sanda Street to sit in on a bit of Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES.  I am absolutely in awe of J S Duffy, Lesley Hart and Helen Mallon who are all off book and reeling the words of naturally as can be.  Charlotte has created a brilliant world for the piece…but I won’t say anymore as you can see it for yourself next week or indeed four other venues subsequently.

At 1530 I popped back across the hallway at 5 Sanda Street to listen to read through of April De Angelis’s CALAIS.  I would have been pretty impressed if this had been the first performance let alone the first read through. David McLennan and I enjoyed a good chuckle.

Finally at 1840 I caught my train home – and as if I already hadn’t had a very privileged day, I caught sight of a rainbow.  I am in lucky, lucky times.

Anyone for Lucky Charms?

Lesley Hart learns her lines

Ever wonder how actors learn their lines?

Lesley Hart, who is currently in Glasgow rehearsing for THE UNCERTAINTY FILES by Linda McLean, explains all in The Press and Journal. Click here to read her article.