After four months at HQ, our brilliant Admin Placement, Charlotte, rounds up her time with us…

A few weeks ago, I completed my work placement at Paines Plough.

I’ve spent the last few months getting to know PP inside out, working with the wonderful Natalie & Aysha in the Admin department. I came into this placement as a Theatre Production student at the University of West London with a Stage Management background, and very little knowledge of how a theatre company actually runs; and that’s really what I was hoping to learn from this experience.

In my short time at PP HQ, I’ve travelled to a range of places, each completely different to the other but just as brilliant.¬† From Bordon (to see HOPELESSLY DEVOTED), to Mold (for NOT THE WORST PLACE), and most recently to the tiny village of Whaddon to see EVERY BRILLIANT THING. I’d never heard of writers such as Kate Tempest or Duncan Macmillan before, so being able to see their shows move from rehearsal to being performed in front of a live audience was great.

I will be honest, at the beginning of my placement I did expect to just be photocopying, filing and shredding all day, and I wouldn’t particularly have minded. However, I ended up working on such a broad range of tasks across all departments – there would be way too much to list (photocopying and shredding included, of course). Everything from doing some serious number crunching to booking a multitude of travel for PP’s productions – which little did I know would be the¬†most stressful task out of all of them!

Working with Paines Plough has been such a great opportunity as, I hate to admit it, even as a Theatre student I was seriously lacking in my knowledge of new plays. Throughout my time here I’ve seen 4 new plays and read at least 12 new plays and they definitely won’t be my last. Working at PP has really made me confident that this is the industry that I would like to work in, whether that’s as a Stage Manager or as part of an Admin team; it may well be a huge challenge, but it sure will be fun!

– Charlotte