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Fran’s first month @ PP

I am a third year student studying Managing Performance at the University of Leeds and currently on my Year in Industry and I have been privileged enough to gain a place at Paines Plough for 6 months as the Administrative Assistant.

Feeling like a fully-fledged member of the Paines Plough family, I have now entered my second month of interning at the Paines Plough office at the same time as celebrating my 21st birthday! After an incredible introduction to the company (along with a lot of cake and chocolate), I am very keen to find out what else is in store and I know I certainly won’t be disappointed.

My first month at Paines Plough has already provided me with some incredible experiences. Not only do I feel like a valued member of a team of professionals that I truly respect and admire, I have also been given an invaluable opportunity to see the real day to day tasks and events that occur in such a thriving and dynamic theatre company.

Currently I am now working on the first ever Paines Plough ‘Individual Handbooks’, a responsibility which I take great pride in. I will be interviewing and videoing all staff members on their idea of what their job entails, then coupled together with extensive research I aim to collate all useful information on job roles, processes and problems into a easy and digestible format that can be used for any future employees.

During this project I will also be producing helpful and interesting insights into the life of a Producer, Director, General Manger and Administrator, so keep an eye out on our Insights blog if you’re an inspiring theatre professional and want to get a better idea of what really goes on behind the scenes in an award-winning, nationally and internationally renowned touring theatre company.

Whilst I am confident that I can create a useful yet unique insight into each role, I am more than content with the immeasurable amount of experience I will gain through the process and the incredible opportunity I have been given by Paines Plough to develop my skill set further. This internship is proving to me that I am in an industry that is right for me and that I am extremely lucky to be in a company that allows me to express my crazy ideas and learn from all of their knowledge.

THE 8TH tour announced

We’re very excited to announce today that we’re taking our 2011 co-production with Manchester International Festival THE 8TH by Paul Heaton and book by Ché Walker back on the road again later this year presented by SJM Concerts.

Reg E Cathey in THE 8TH at The Manchester International Festival 2011

“Victim of an overdose or recipient of bullet
Just the harvest of the finger or the wrist
It’s the needle or the trigger, the 8th could push or pull it
As long as folk believe that he exists”
One of Manchester’s greatest songwriters Paul Heaton (The Beautiful South, The Housemartins), premieres an epic new pop song, THE 8TH, in a thrilling live show.
Joined onstage by his band and a host of special guests, Heaton transports you to a destitute neighbourhood where the seven deadly sins unfurl. From the seven an eighth is born – a new and thoroughly modern sin that imprisons all who cross its path.
THE 8TH’s book is written by Ché Walker who previously worked with us here at PP on Crazy Love back in 2007 and is directed by our very own Joint Artistic Director George Perrin.
So here’s where it’s heading:
Thursday 5th July @ Barbican Centre, London
Tuesday 10th July @ Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
Wednesday 11th July @ St. Paul’s Church, Birmingham
Thursday 12th July@ Latitude Festival
With a cast including US hit TV show The Wire‘s Reg E Cathey it’s sure to be a hot ticket this Summer. So for more details on the show and how to book tickets check out THE 8TH page on our website

Share your best tips

With LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going on tour next week to 13 different venues around the UK, we’re trying to compile our own Lonely Planet of UK cities.

So please share some useful tips for the company on how to spend their days (when not rehearsing their lines) in each of the places we’re visiting:


We want to know the best…

– Places to eat
– Places to drink (responsibly)
– Things to do

If you have any suggestions for any of the places we’re going to, let us know by leaving a comment below.

We’ll be sure to try out any suggestions you have and report back!