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Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES opened to rave reviews this week at Oran Mor.

‎****The Scotsman for Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES:

Charlotte Gwinner’s production has a severe and brilliant quiet choreography, controlled down to the minutest gesture; and the performances are riveting, mature, eloquent, beautiful, and not only real, but true.

Whilst the company of Marie Jones’ FLY ME TO THE MOON pioneered the first leg of the tour at Live Theatre Newcastle. I went up there to see the first show and brought back a little souvenir for everyone in the office:

We're loving Newcastle Live A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT Beer Mat

Judging from the show report received today from Stage Manager, Kara Jackson, the Newcastle audience are enjoying it so much that the running time has increased by two minutes due to laughter.

Back at PP HQ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE culminates its second week of rehearsals.  They have it up on its feet after the detailed table work last week and rehearsal props are flying into the room.  The character of Sandra seems to enjoy quite a few cigarettes!

We also had all three of the Creative Team in today to watch rehearsals.  Hartley  (Lighting Designer), recovered from Edinburgh where he runs C venues, and Lucy Osborne (Designer), currently opening THE ALIENS at the Bush Theatre, have a good catch up on the sofa that is on for rehearsal furniture.

Lucy Osborne and Hartkey T A Kemp deep in thought - or are they on facebook?

We, in the office, are very much looking forward to catching a run through next week and we’ll be able to show you some photos soon as Graham Michael is coming in on Friday to take some rehearsal shots.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend – we’re off to see Bryony Lavery’s BEAUTIFUL BURNOUT on Sunday at the Barbican.

My First Day As An Intern!

Hello! My name is Mimi Findlay, today I started an internship with Paines Plough. A little about my first day:

As I settled into a grey swivel chair in the Paines Plough office, I contemplated what the last few months of 2010 would bring for me. I didn’t expect to be starting my first task in the Artistic Directors’ office(!), listening to Tara, Hanna, Sophie and Jo belting out their favourite tunes from their favourite musicals. Had I lost my way amongst the mass of commuters that I’d perchance stumbled upon a madhouse rather than the ever-expanding Paines Plough office that I thought I had already visited earlier this year?

Despite every member of the team being slightly insane (=D) and eating all my KP Honey Roasted Peanuts for lunch and almost breaking the coffee machine (whoops!) it’s been an incredibly interesting (yet I get the idea this is a normal day) and plethoric day. I spent a portion of my lunch break chatting to the cast of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE up on the roof (James Barrett, Simon Darwen, Daniela Denby-Ashe, John Heffernan and Rosie Wyatt), and later gazed worryingly upon the budding plant in the office as Tara and Hanna explained to me that if I didn’t assume responsibility for the plant’s life it may not live for very much longer.

I wonder if they know I don’t have green fingers? More worringly, I hope the coffee machine really isn’t broken!

Travelling back in time…

So having been a hive of activity for the past 3 and a half days, the rehearsal room at PP HQ now lies empty as James and his cast have headed off on a research trip…

Through a link with Assistant Director Jack Lowe, the company have taken the afternoon off rehearsals to meet with Mike Liddel-Taylor down on King’s Road. The amazing Mike has had an equally amazing career including writing, model managing, working as a publicist, AND hanging out with The Beatles down on King’s Road in the swinging sixties. All this makes him the perfect person to inform the cast of what it was like to live during the psychedelic summers of love…

But whilst the cats are away, the mice can play and the cast-trip gives us in the office a chance to sneak into the rehearsal room to have a look at what they’ve been up to. We’ve been checking out the research up on the walls and photos of the model box (designed by Lucy Osborne) which has given us a flavour of what’s to come. Keep an eye on the blog for photos…

And we’re not the only ones getting excited about the show. Check out this piece in The Telegraph and this piece on giving more details about the show and the cast!

A lorra-lorra love for the cast of Love, Love, Love and generally all round…

From left to right back row: John Heffernan, James Barrett, Simon Darwen. From left to righ front row: Daniela Denby-Ashe and Rosie Wyatt

We honoured to be able to you to introduce James Barrett, Simon Darwen, Daniela Denby-Ashe, John Heffernan and Rosie Wyatt who make up the wonderful company for Mike Bartlett’s new play LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Whilst on LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you fancy getting into the incredible mind of Mike Barltett himself he has been chatting to about all things theatre plus a fantasy dinner party.  The Bush Theatre co-produced Mike Bartlett’s ARTEFACTS in 2008 with James Grieve directing.

Elsewhere in the world of Paines Plough, I returned late last night from yet another delightful day in Glasgow:

I took the 0539 train which got me to Glasgow at 1040 in order to be at 5 Sanda Street to meet with Kara Jackson (Stage Manager of FLY ME TO THE MOON) and Kirsten Hogg (Tour Designer for A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT) to discuss how to fit a bed, a pillow, a duvet, a chair, a wheelchair, a phone, two cds, a cd player, a lamp and seven packs of custard creams into a suitcase.  Anyone know Mary Poppins?

At 1200 it was the meet and greet for the company of April De Angelis’ CALAIS, the fourth play in the A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT Season.

At 1255 I dashed over to Oran Mor to catch the second performance of  Gary Owen’s IN THE PIPELINE. What a great way to spend 52 minutes with exquisite narrative and touching performances; I must confess I could not resist temptation and did have a pie and a pint!

At 1405 back over to 5 Sanda Street to sit in on a bit of Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES.  I am absolutely in awe of J S Duffy, Lesley Hart and Helen Mallon who are all off book and reeling the words of naturally as can be.  Charlotte has created a brilliant world for the piece…but I won’t say anymore as you can see it for yourself next week or indeed four other venues subsequently.

At 1530 I popped back across the hallway at 5 Sanda Street to listen to read through of April De Angelis’s CALAIS.  I would have been pretty impressed if this had been the first performance let alone the first read through. David McLennan and I enjoyed a good chuckle.

Finally at 1840 I caught my train home – and as if I already hadn’t had a very privileged day, I caught sight of a rainbow.  I am in lucky, lucky times.

Anyone for Lucky Charms?