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One day gears up…

Rehearsals are well underway for ONE DAY WHEN WE WERE YOUNG. We’re settled here, enjoying Sheffield and the unseasonable warmth. (who says it’s grim up?)

We’ve worked through the play a few times, layering up detail and making small changes to the script. It’s a great help to have Nick Payne with us to tailor the play to the demands of the Roundabout. Where the script asks for a window, our challenge in the round is either to plonk a window in the set (undesirable) suggest the window somehow (possible) or find another way of staging the moment (playful). The writer can help supply the director with a great solution – collaboration in the room is crucial.

Paines Plough's rehearsal room... *cough* honest...

We’re gearing up to leave our rehearsal room and get into the theatre for our tech week. Not only are we nearing the point at which theatre lights and full sound boosts the production but the Roundabout itself is being built. We can’t wait to have a play in the space…

1-A slots into 2-D? ... What do you mean THERE AREN'T ENOUGH SCREWS?

And until we start running technical rehearsals in the space, we keep on practising…

The best way to get to Carnegie Hall? (answers on a postcard)

PS – Zooby’s is the current favourite for coffee. More suggestions please…

PP Around the UK in 81 days

As we are in rehearsals for 4 plays, with two set to tech and open next week, plus a 5th play to start rehearsals and a 6th to join in four weeks time – it can be difficult to keep track of who is where!

Enter the joy that is the EXCEL spreadsheet.  This paired with our brilliant intern, Amy, results in the glorious schedule below.

Take a peak to see who is rehearsing what, where and when…

Colour coded and everything!

Of course there is also Claire, Hanna and Amy who are our rocks at number 43 Aldwych during these busy periods.

Baby’s Big Builders Day Out

As we continue to build the ROUNDABOUT auditorium, with Sheffield Theatres, Bernd (Production Manager), and Lucy (Designer) are continually popping in to Factory Settings to see how developments are going.

Today, Factory Settings also had an extra small surprise – Fred, Lucy’s baby.

Fred’s middle name is Kenneth.  A prize goes to the first person who can tell us the recent Paines Plough production that featured a character of the same name?

P.S. In case you don’t know the answers on the link!

Baby on board!

Come To Where I’m From Hipsta Gallery

We’re a little bit obsessed with the Hipstamatic iPhone app at Paines Plough HQ. Could you tell?

Here’s a gallery of photos of everywhere we’ve been so far on our our COME TO WHERE I’M FROM tour, Hipsta style…