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Come To Where I’m From: Updates from the writers

Since 2010, our nationwide project COME TO WHERE I’M FROM has premièred original work by 86 playwrights, each telling a tale of their home or heritage, some fictional, some true, all written and performed by playwrights themselves.

Once the pieces have been seen in the place about they were written they are recorded and pod-cast on the Paines Plough website to hear for free forever. The project is ongoing, so as we add more and more plays about more and more places, the theatrical tapestry of the UK grows ever more detailed.

As with all of our work here at PP, CTWIF plays are co-commissions with partner theatres, organisations or festivals. As an added bonus to the work created, the project is often a first chance for us and our partners to work with writers we haven’t worked with before.

The podcasts are available to listen to on the PP website, arranged by year:

Click here to listen to the podcasts from 2010.

Click here to listen to the podcasts from 2011.

Podcasts from 2012 will be coming online soon.

In the first of a series of updates, here is news on some of our CTWIF writers:

– Newcastle’s Michael Chaplin’s story about the river lapping at the quay a few yards from the theatre has found another life as a book called Tyne View.

– Our co-commission with Watford Palace Theatre of Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti has led to a commission from Watford for a longer piece which is currently in development.

– CTWIF Cardiff featured Matthew Bulgo whose piece for us became a longer play entitled LAST CHRISTMAS which Matthew wrote for Dirty Protest and Theatr Clwyd Cymru and which premiered at Sherman Venue 2 in December before transferring to Theatr Clwyd this year.

– Inspired by the challenge of performing her own work as part of CTWIF, Alison Carr of Newcastle is now exploring a solo story-telling show which she writes and performs herself.

Catriona Kerridge of Oxford made her piece in to a work of art that is now hanging in someone’s bedroom (on the back of the painting is a QR code so you can listen to the monologues).

– On the Isle of Wight, John Goodwin is working with fellow writer James Willis to rework the text of his CTWIF as a full length play about the consumption hospital in Ventnor which has since been demolished.

– Bethan Marlow‘s relationship with Sherman Cymru (co-comissioner of Wales’ CTWIF) grew in to a production of her first full length play last year- a verbatim piece about people’s relationship with money – and most of the voices came from Caernarfon (the town next door to the village where she’s from).

– CTWIF Jersey has inspired the island’s first regular new writing event, Plays Rough at the Jersey Opera House, run by CTWIF writers Ben Evans and Leon Fleming.

Come To Where I’ve Blogged

A couple of great blog posts on COME TO WHERE I’M FROM we wanted to share.

The first is from playwright Alison Carr, who herself took to the stage in Newcastle to perform her play about being a Geordie.

Alison’s blog gives a wonderful insight into what our 61 playwrights have experienced taking part in the project, from the “cold sweat of fear” through “overexcitement, terror and alcohol” to actually “enjoying myself up there“.

The full post is well worth a read here.

The second is a review of the Coventry event from the mysterious Culture Vulture of the West Midlands who, according to the biog, scans the horizon for artistic activity and cultural excellence.

According to the Vulture, George and I “look very young” and the show “brought a pleasantly vibrant and artistic feel“. Natch.

You can read the full post here.