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Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES opened to rave reviews this week at Oran Mor.

‎****The Scotsman for Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES:

Charlotte Gwinner’s production has a severe and brilliant quiet choreography, controlled down to the minutest gesture; and the performances are riveting, mature, eloquent, beautiful, and not only real, but true.

Whilst the company of Marie Jones’ FLY ME TO THE MOON pioneered the first leg of the tour at Live Theatre Newcastle. I went up there to see the first show and brought back a little souvenir for everyone in the office:

We're loving Newcastle Live A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT Beer Mat

Judging from the show report received today from Stage Manager, Kara Jackson, the Newcastle audience are enjoying it so much that the running time has increased by two minutes due to laughter.

Back at PP HQ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE culminates its second week of rehearsals.  They have it up on its feet after the detailed table work last week and rehearsal props are flying into the room.  The character of Sandra seems to enjoy quite a few cigarettes!

We also had all three of the Creative Team in today to watch rehearsals.  Hartley  (Lighting Designer), recovered from Edinburgh where he runs C venues, and Lucy Osborne (Designer), currently opening THE ALIENS at the Bush Theatre, have a good catch up on the sofa that is on for rehearsal furniture.

Lucy Osborne and Hartkey T A Kemp deep in thought - or are they on facebook?

We, in the office, are very much looking forward to catching a run through next week and we’ll be able to show you some photos soon as Graham Michael is coming in on Friday to take some rehearsal shots.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend – we’re off to see Bryony Lavery’s BEAUTIFUL BURNOUT on Sunday at the Barbican.

A lorra-lorra love for the cast of Love, Love, Love and generally all round…

From left to right back row: John Heffernan, James Barrett, Simon Darwen. From left to righ front row: Daniela Denby-Ashe and Rosie Wyatt

We honoured to be able to you to introduce James Barrett, Simon Darwen, Daniela Denby-Ashe, John Heffernan and Rosie Wyatt who make up the wonderful company for Mike Bartlett’s new play LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Whilst on LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you fancy getting into the incredible mind of Mike Barltett himself he has been chatting to about all things theatre plus a fantasy dinner party.  The Bush Theatre co-produced Mike Bartlett’s ARTEFACTS in 2008 with James Grieve directing.

Elsewhere in the world of Paines Plough, I returned late last night from yet another delightful day in Glasgow:

I took the 0539 train which got me to Glasgow at 1040 in order to be at 5 Sanda Street to meet with Kara Jackson (Stage Manager of FLY ME TO THE MOON) and Kirsten Hogg (Tour Designer for A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT) to discuss how to fit a bed, a pillow, a duvet, a chair, a wheelchair, a phone, two cds, a cd player, a lamp and seven packs of custard creams into a suitcase.  Anyone know Mary Poppins?

At 1200 it was the meet and greet for the company of April De Angelis’ CALAIS, the fourth play in the A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT Season.

At 1255 I dashed over to Oran Mor to catch the second performance of  Gary Owen’s IN THE PIPELINE. What a great way to spend 52 minutes with exquisite narrative and touching performances; I must confess I could not resist temptation and did have a pie and a pint!

At 1405 back over to 5 Sanda Street to sit in on a bit of Linda McLean’s THE UNCERTAINTY FILES.  I am absolutely in awe of J S Duffy, Lesley Hart and Helen Mallon who are all off book and reeling the words of naturally as can be.  Charlotte has created a brilliant world for the piece…but I won’t say anymore as you can see it for yourself next week or indeed four other venues subsequently.

At 1530 I popped back across the hallway at 5 Sanda Street to listen to read through of April De Angelis’s CALAIS.  I would have been pretty impressed if this had been the first performance let alone the first read through. David McLennan and I enjoyed a good chuckle.

Finally at 1840 I caught my train home – and as if I already hadn’t had a very privileged day, I caught sight of a rainbow.  I am in lucky, lucky times.

Anyone for Lucky Charms?

Four Stars for FLY ME TO THE MOON

We’ve had fantastic full houses for the opening, second and third performances of our co-production season with Òran Mór – A Play, A Pie and A Pint.

We kicked off this week with Marie Jones’ play FLY ME TO THE MOON which has been met with a raucous crowd clutching pies & pints. The audience was rolling like the sea; some risky moments of farce in the play paid off and many were met with rounds of applause!

This is an extract from Kara Jackson’s (stage manager) show report yesterday….

Comments: A large audience number in today. A spectacular performance and the audience laughed throughout the whole show. There was a round of applause after the wheelchair exit and the huge laughter after ‘Burn the house down’. The added four minutes on running time today was due to the laughs throughout. Great show!!

We’re very proud of our entire creative team and a special congrats to Abigail McGibbon and Katie Tumelty.

Make sure you buy your tickets for the final few days in Glasgow or catch it in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Coventry or Dublin over the next month!

Here’s a snapshot from the Glasgow Evening Times

And here is a fantastic 4 star review from The Scotsman’s chief theatre critic Joyce McMillan.

And there’s more! Here’s a video clip of Fly Me To The Moon with some audience reactions to the opening performance…

Giggles in Glasgow

Abby (left) and Katie get snapped

Here’s the fantastic cast of FLY ME TO THE MOON being photographed by a press snapper in the rehearsal room in Glasgow today.

Abby McGibbon and Katie Tumelty play Loretta and Francis, two down on their luck care workers whose Frank Sinatra obsessed charge has a posthumous win on the horses.

We’re having a ball in rehearsals. Marie Jones’s madcap script is hilarious and outrageous, and it’s as much as we can all do to keep a straight face for long enough to rehearse a scene. There’s one particular moment with a wheelchair (we shall say no more) that has us all giggling uncontrolably. We open at Oran Mor in Glasgow on Monday, so we just hope the audience find it as funny as we do!

There’s a great buzz in the amazing Oran Mor rehearsal flat where me and Jack are living, which also houses two rehearsal rooms. The IN THE PIPELINE company is rehearsing just across the coridoor from us and the kitchen becomes a green room at breakfast and lunchtimes, with English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish accents mingling over bagels and baked potatoes. As of Monday, THE UNCERTAINTY FILES company moves in too, and the A Play, A Pie And A Pint season will be underway. Can’t wait.

From Edinburgh to Glasgow

It was my turn to head up to the Fringe this weekend, and what a brilliant weekend it was. Leaving PP HQ on Friday morning, I was greeted in the afternoon by glorious sunshine in Edinburgh, and made my way straight to the Forest Fringe foyer to see James Baker’s 30 DAYS TO SPACE. An attempt for Baker to realise his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut with a ladder and a very shiny space suit. Over the weekend I saw a number of fantastic solo performances and plays, including I AM WOOF, created and performed by Robert Taylor, WHERE HAVE ALL THE LADIES GONE? created and performed by Victoria Kember, BUNNY, by Jack Thorne, and 10 DATES WITH MAD MARY, by Yasmine Akram. All were uniquely different and thoroughly engaging. I also got to enjoy HOT MESS, by Ella Hickson, and OTHERS, by The Paper Birds, and followed the crowds to the Traverse to see THE AUTHOR by Tim Crouch, PENELOPE, by Enda Walsh, FREEFALL by Michael West and The Corn Exchange Theatre Company Ireland, and SPEECHLESS by Linda Brogan and Polly Teale.

After my busy weekend hotfooting it around the city, on Monday morning I hopped on a train to Glasgow for the first day of rehearsals for Paines Plough/Òran Mór’s A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT. I joined PP’s James, Tara and Jack, and Artistic Director of Òran Mór, David MacLennan, to meet with the cast and crew of the season’s first play, FLY ME TO THE MOON by Marie Jones. With tea and coffee brewed, and Monday morning pastries on the table, we all gathered to hear the fantastic Abigail McGibbon and Katie Tumelty bring the script to life in the first read through. It was so brilliant to meet the team and see everyone’s excitement. Can’t wait to see the play up on it’s feet.

A PLAY, A PIE AND A PINT will tour to five cities in the UK from 30th August, including Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Coventry, and Dublin. If anyone has any suggestions for places to eat, things to do, and where to get the best watermelon martini in each of these places, please do get in touch! We want to hear from you.