Just in case you’re wondering why some of the plays we’ve announced in Programme 2011 don’t have names yet, I thought I’d give a bit of an insight into our commissioning policy.

We want the way we commission playwrights to reflect our belief that the playwright is the lead creative artist in the process of making new plays, and to evidence our commitment to playwrights being at the heart of the company.

So rather than commissioning lots of plays and picking the best, we choose the playwrights we most want to work with and strive to produce everything we commission from them. Increasingly, we make a commitment to produce at the point of commission, as we did with nine of the plays announced in Programme 2011.

What that means of course is that several of the plays we’ve announced haven’t been written yet. Which we think is rather exciting.

We reckon commissioning with the promise of production results in plays of urgency, bravery and bold theatrical expression. We also think that playwrights writing for a production – rather than the chance of a production – have extra engagement with the audiences they are writing for.

When you see our as yet un-named new plays, we hope you’ll agree.