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Latitude: We’re coming for you


We can’t quite believe it but apparently it’s that time of year again. It’s time for Latitude. We’re enormously pleased WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK by Sabrina Mahfouz is returning to the site of its debut last year.

This year you can catch us at the Film and Music Arena on Friday 15 July at 8:25pm. We’ll be grooving out to some old school garage and hope you can join us. Full info is here.

As usual there’s loads of other incredible acts on at Latitude including some great theatre here.

Can’t make it to Latitude this year? Don’t worry we’ve got another WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK performance for you. We’re part of a fantastic weekend Latitude are curating outside National Theatre on the South Bank. From 5 -7 August Latitude take over River Stage outside NT. You can wander over anytime but if you want to catch us we’re headlining Saturday night at 9:25pm. We’re going to close the evening with the garage rave it deserves.

Check out all the other amazing River Stage acts here.


With A Little Bit of Luck Soundtrack


With A Little Bit Of Luck at The Spring, Havant (cred. James White)

We couldn’t make a show all about Garage music and not provide you with the track list could we? Here are all the songs from Sabrina Mahfouz’s WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK in the order they appear in the show.

1. Summer of Love by Lonyo
2. Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield
3. Love Bug by Ramsey and Fen
4. Ain’t No Stopping Us by DJ Luck and MC Neat
5. Scrappy by Wookie
6. It’s A London Thing by Scott Garcia
7. Closer Than Close by Rosie Gaines
8. Poison by DJ Luck and MC Neat ft. Shy Cookie
9. Never Gonna Let You Go by Tina Moore, Kelly G Vocal Mix
10. Girls Like Us by B15 Project
11. With A Little Bit Of Luck by DJ Luck and MC Neat
12. Gabriel by Roy Davis Jr
13. Something In Your Eyes by Ed Case (K Warren mix)
14. It’s The Way by Future Underground Nation
15. Booo! by Sticky ft. Miss Dynamite
16. Destiny by Dem 2
17. Do It Again by TJ Cases
18. Battle by Wookie ft. Lain Grey
19. Sincere by MJ Cole
20. The Things We Do For Love by Kele Le Roc
21. Celebrate Life by Brasstooth

We’ve even made a Spotify playlist for you. Aren’t you lucky?

Eat | Sleep | Rave | Repeat (WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK on tour)

Seroca Davis in With A Little Bit of Luck (cred. James White)

Seroca Davis in With A Little Bit of Luck (cred. James White)

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK has been on tour since 13 April and we’re 24 venues in our 29 date tour so Eat Sleep Rave Repeat has become a daily routine for us out on the road. We wanted to share some of the tour highlights with you. First up The Spring in Havant who went all out and programmed a full evening of entertainment.

On Saturday night the audience were treated to a gig from Music Fusion at 8pm, WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK from 9pm, Beats & Swing at 10pm and then DJ Luck & MC Neat from 11pm. Now that’s a night out.


With A Little Bit of Luck at The Spring in Havant (cred. James White)

This is what WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK is all about. Part gig. Part theatre. The audience were up and dancing from 8pm to midnight. It was a brilliant night and we can’t thank The Spring enough for putting together such an exciting programme.

MC Neat at The Spring in Havant (cred. James White)

MC Neat at The Spring in Havant (cred. James White)

A few weeks earlier at Studio 3 Arts in Barking we were warmed up by New Movementz, a talented crew of street dancers, who’d created bespoke routines to garage classics. As if that wasn’t enough, after Seroca, Martyna and Gabriel had strutted their stuff in WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK UKG legend Kele le Roc performed in a post-show PA.

Kele le Roc at Studio 3 Arts (cred. )

Kele le Roc at Studio 3 Arts (cred. Rosie Ross)

New Movementz perform pre-show at Studio 3 Arts (cred. )

New Movementz perform pre-show at Studio 3 Arts (cred. Josh Pearce)

It’s not all about late nights and late starts though. Our wonderful Associate Director, and director of WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK, Stef O’Driscoll has been running workshops at a number of venues across the tour. Pictured below are the crew from Looping The Loop learning about gig-theatre in the historic Theatre Royal Margate. Who says you can’t rave under a proscenium arch?

Stef O'Discroll runs a gig-theatre workshop at the Theatre Royal Margate (cred. Dik Ng)

Stef O’Discroll runs a gig-theatre workshop at the Theatre Royal Margate (cred. Dik Ng)

You’ve still got a few more chances to catch WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK before it finishes touring including the ever brilliant Brighton Fringe and a week at Roundhouse. Full tour dates list here.

Meet the WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK Cast: Gabriel Benn

Not ones to let a Bank Holiday get in the way of a blog, we grabbed WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK‘s Gabriel Benn to talk touring, musical influences and uh, Beyoncé and Jay-Z… 


Is this the first theatre production that you’ve toured with?

Yeah, it is. It’s a whole new experience. The tour dates are all first time visits for a lot of the cast and it’s great, being in all these different places and having the chance for the cast to explore and have good walks around. I think Lincoln was probably the most unexpected surprise. It was such a beautiful city; I managed to have a good wander down the old cobbled streets to explore the old town and the cathedral.

Can you tell us a little bit about what made you get in to music and DJ-ing?

Good question! I remember Mark Ronson being a big inspiration when I was about 14 because he was DJ-ing and making music and looking really cool. He’d just released Ooh Wee, if you remember that? It was around that time and I liked what he was doing a lot.


My dad gave me some decks that Christmas and I started making music. My friends and I got into producing electronic mostly, and then I started travelling and producing to expand my musical vocabulary. I started in Ghana at first, being a very rhythmical place as far as music goes, so that helped me expand my abilities. Then Columbia afterwards which had an amazing variety of rhythm and it just made me push the musical boundaries that I’d set myself. It allowed me to grow, and if you learn more you can do more.

Have you brought those influences into the way that you work with Martyna and Seroca during WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK?

I think so, because being influenced by other world rhythms has allowed me, in a sense, to infuse those rhythms into the performance and that has helped me to adapt to the strong rhythms of Garage.


Were you into Garage when you were younger or has being part of WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK expanded your knowledge of it?

It has expanded my knowledge hugely – I came in late because I’m 25 so I was only 11 when people like our leading actor, Seroca, were going out to the raves. But five years later I started DJ-ing all kinds of electronic and picked out quite a lot of Garage from the back catalogue of music, so I was always playing bits and bobs of Garage and really loved it. This show helped me understand why Garage meant so much to so many people.

Finally, what can or should an audience expect?

Well, audiences so far have loved the music which has been nice. There’s been a lot of laughter at the pop culture references from 2001 like Starbucks and E4 which had just launched. It’s been great because it makes people reflect on things that are now such a strong part of our lives – even things like Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship! – and that’s been really fun. The musical elements of the show have really been a success because people have got up and danced and sang along -they’re visibly happy at hearing some of their favourite songs which is great.

Meet the WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK cast: Seroca Davis

We caught up with our leading lady and raver on the road, Seroca Davis. She’s currently careering across the country bringing the rave to Manchester, Margate and loads of our favourite places in between. Today she is in Canterbury, where better to have a chat and find out how she’s finding life on the road with WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK.


Hey, Seroca! What can or should an audience expect from WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK?

A good story, great music and to feel like you want to rave after the show! It is a mix of one of my favourite genres of music and fabulous writing. I’m loving raving on stage with audiences and getting them involved too!

And what made you want to get involved in the show?        

I loved the fact that it was a play which included old school garage! It’s one of my favourite genres of music and very nostalgic for me. It takes me back to secondary school when I used to listen to Heartless Crew and Pay as u go radio sets on my walkman! Also, I really admire Sabrina’s writing so was great to be able to work with her and help bring her work to life.


What was your first professional, paid gig? And where was it? 

My first professional role was when I was 10 years old and I did a training video for the London Transport Museum. Very good fun!

Do you have a connection to any of the locations on the tour? 

I had been to Edinburgh before we took the show to the Roxy as I did a play at the Fringe festival in 2012. I also performed at the Crucible in Sheffield back in 2010. And I used to go to the seaside at Margate as a child!

I’ve lived all over North London in Tottenham, Wood Green and Edmonton so I’m really looking forward to the shows at the ROUNDHOUSE in June.

Did a particular person inspire you to want to become a performer/musician? Who was it and how did they encourage you?

Not a specific person, but my mum was very encouraging and she always taught me that I could be whatever I wanted to be. She always made me feel like it was possible for me to be an actress and is still my biggest fan! Actresses like Helen Mirren, Viola Davis and Angela Bassett inspire me now though.

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK touches down in Canterbury tonight at the Marlowe Theatre for two nights of mellifluous melodies and music making, before hitting Barking, Fareham, Nottingham, Wellingborough and Lancaster. Check out where else we’re heading here.

We’re off to… Margate

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK has been zipping across the country since the tour kicked off in Norwich, serving up syncopated beats and musical treats to audiences across the country. Today we land in Margate, a place ‘as cool as it gets’ according to our good pal Joe from Margate Retro.

Home to Tracey Emin and the Turner Contemporary, Margate was host to ROUNDABOUT last autumn and we had so much fun we came back for another dose of Dreamland (and some fish and chips…).

This isn’t our first time at the Margate rodeo, in fact we think we’re pretty much locals now. Here are our top picks if you’re heading on down to the show this evening – or you feel inspired and fancy a trip to the seaside.


The holiday apartments on King Street are a unique place to stay with jukebox, space invaders, the lot. Neighbouring Fort Road Yard is home to a collection of studios and galleries to whet your cultural appetite. And if its art you’re interested in Alex Chinneck’s instillation ‘to the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes’ is just 10 minutes up the road.




If you find yourself with a craving for some seafood fare, Hantverk & Found provides a fine selection courtesy of their chef, Kate quick on her feet from Shoreditch (somewhere in London…).



We may have been partial to the odd libation in the Lifeboat pub on a previous trip to Margate… And we must give special mention to Harbour Arms Sunday night – an addition to the weekend that we hear is often better than the two boozy nights before it.



Caffeinate yourself at Fort’s Cafe – enjoy proper, home cooked food, beer and wine in their relaxed, one-stop seafront shop.




There’s a lot appearing in the ‘Gate, with multiple exhibitions at the Turner Contemporary or the iconic Dreamland amusement park where you can check out their roller disco or have a wander round the Octopus’ Garden.


Get the lowdown on what else you can get up to in Margate over at

Garage at The Garage: We’re Off to…Norwich (again)

Where better to kick off Sabrina Mahfouz’s garage musical WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK than at The Garage. We know, it’s almost like we planned it…

This Wednesday our fist pumping, get out of your seat and start dancing, show opens in Norwich. We’re big fans of this city on the river, so here’s a reminder of a few of the top things to do and see before you come rave with us in the evening.



The Maids Head Hotel is known for its traditional Tudor style façade, dating back to the 13th century. It’s also more famously known for reportedly being home to a couple of ghosts – one of a lady dressed in grey, and one of the former mayors of the city.


Head down to the medieval alleyways of the Norwich Lanes (winner of the Great British High Street of The Year Award 2014) which is home to some of the most splendid restaurants, gastro pubs and cafes in Norwich. You’ll find award winning fish and chips at the Grosvenor, Falafel heaven at Moorish, Bedfords where you’ll find one of the best burgers in the city and much more.


Norwich was once thought to have a Church for every week of the year and a pub for every day of the year. The figures aren’t quite that high these days but there are still a wealth of pubs to frequent. If you’re after some Norwich history you can find the Adam and Eve nestled down by the river. Dating back to 1249 the pub has a lovely quaint atmosphere and a good selection of ales. If you’re after something a little more modern The Mash Tun is the newest pub to spring up and serves local beer from troubadours Redwell Brewery, as an added bonus the upstairs has been turned into a gin palace serving over 150 different blends.



The Garage is home to Locomotion Coffee who take their coffee making seriously, from traditional lattes and mochas, to concoctions such as the protein vanilla iced-latte banana smoothie. They also serve an array of teas from local tea wizards Wilkinsons of Norwich – you will definitely be tempted by the Smokey Russian caravan or Arctic Fire.

Their skills don’t stop at coffee, barista Jason can solve a rubix cube in less than a minute (it’s all in the algorithms apparently).


Norwich forum is open 7 days a week all year round making it the perfect place to hang out. Much more than just a library, you can also enjoy an eclectic mix of free exhibitions, events activities, and free outdoor film screenings in the summer, or just chill out with friends in Bar Marzano.



Must see attractions include Norwich Cathedral, an iconic Norman Cathedral and one of the most complete Romanesque buildings in Europe. Take a stroll around the largest surviving cloister in England and be awed by the stunning Romanesque architecture, highlighted by the Nave and crossing tower…don’t forget to look up! There’s lots to discover at the Norwich Castle from its history as a Norman palace and as a prison, to the many galleries packed with treasures from nationally important collections, from archaeology to fine art, from the ancient Egyptians to natural history. Also a trip to Norwich wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the Norwich market. There are a plethora of market stalls to delve into, you might find yourself a great vintage bargain….or just pick up a commemorative tea towel to take home! Check out Visit Norwich for more ideas!

Dancing Soon Became A Way – The cast and creatives of With A Little Bit Of Luck talk about the music that changed their lives.



‘Moving to music, it’s like a memory deeper than any revision can dredge up, it’s like summer on your skin, it’s like freedom you didn’t have to fight for, it’s like – love.’

Whether you’re a garage head or vibezing over the latest Drake track (meh), music undoubtedly makes marks in our memories, on our lives, in our relationships…seeps deep beneath our skin and leaves its tattoo. I love getting asked ‘do you remember where you were the first time you heard this song?’…Yeah I do, and it usually means something to me. I’m an album kind of gal, and the album that changed my life was without a doubt Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am That Is What I’m Not. Some of you may know that my unhealthy obsession with the fearsome foursome is only trumped by my love of dogs, but Alex Turner spoke to me on that warm 2005 afternoon. MTV2, a music channel that I don’t think exists anymore, crackled out the muted colours of an old grey whistle test style video and I heard, ‘We are the Arctic Monkeys, don’t believe the hype’…and I did.

Working on WALBOL has reminded me what music can be, what it achieves, how it affects us, how it angers us, makes us, helps us. Sabrina is writing about a time, as she says in her Vice article, ‘[a] play about London, raving, summertime, the encroachment of adulthood, love, betrayal, money and of course, music’.

And above all that for the past two weeks in rehearsals the music that made us dance with love in our hearts has been blaring out of the PPHQ rehearsal room. So I asked the gang what song, album or genre changed their lives.

For director Stef it was, to no surprise, drum and bass music is at the heart of her relationship with music. ‘What Garage is for Nadia in this play, is the way I feel about drum and bass. It was a way of expression and escapism through my teenage years. It still is now. Music is how I love, release, connect with people, because music is everything. A dance floor is a magical place. In my awkward teenage years I could dance how I wanted in the depths of a jungle drum and bass rave, without having to be sexy that’s important, that was everything.’

Our favourite vocalist Martyna threw a curve ball when she announced that the album that changed her life was Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette. ‘This album shaped the person I am because Alanis was such a strong female who spoke her mind and didn’t let her gender define or restrict her. It gave me permission to shout and scream.’

walbol pic1


Seroca pulled a banger out of the bag in the most beautiful and empowering way when she told us about the album that changed her life. ‘The album that changed my life was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill is just a powerful woman. The album was dope and very inspiring for me at that time in my life. It was one of those albums that I could just listen to over and over again without skipping the tracks. Doo Wop is such a great tune with empowering lyrics, Ex factor- another great banger which is cathartic and has helped heal my heart after romantic episodes.’

And for the man who tinkles the sweetest ivories, Gabes gave his adoration to the man who sparked a thousand dreamy nights, sat on sofas, discussing visions of the past and possible futures. ‘I remember listening to Bob Marley’s greatest hits album in my mother’s car with my Auntie and as a boy being awoken by the way he was singing and the jams of the musical outfit he had with him – it blew me away and felt strange and familiar. Reggae later really did change my life and helped understand the world.’

In a similar way to Stef, writer extraordinaire Sabrina attributed jungle music as the genre of music that changed her life. ‘Jungle music changed my life because it gave me a completely alternative world to the usual ‘out to get pissed and pull’ nightlife that was around and that positively effected how I viewed relationships and friendships. Jungle raves were 100% about the music. You could wear a tracksuit, you could dress up, it didn’t matter as long as you were there to dance. And oh did we dance. Even though there were no women MCing or DJing at these raves at that time, it still felt like an empowering place to be a girl, dancing and dressing however you wanted, making friends with boys without feeling like everything was aimed at chatting you up. It is still the only music in the world that can make me happy no matter what else is going on.’

Whatever you like, whatever gives you that feeling that anything is possible, go off now and play it loud. Remember why you fell in love, why it made you cry, why it made you laugh. Just go and enjoy.


What music or album or song changed your life? Let us know by posting a comment below or tweeting @painesplough

Rehearsal Room Diary: Misheard Lyrics

PPHQ has been treated to the sound of UK Garage classics reverberating down the corridor from WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK rehearsals, as we gear up to take the show out on the road next week. It’s sounding incredible. 

Assistant Director, Nadia, fills us in on what’s been happening behind closed doors, and what all those Garage lyrics we’ve been getting oh so wrong actually are, as we try to sing along…

We’ve been creating our own little rave in the Paines Plough rehearsal room for the past two weeks and apart from the sick beats and sweet melodies one thing has certainly kept us guessing – the lyrics. I test anyone right now to tell me what the heck DJ Luck and MC Neat are talking about.

Or what about Kelly G/Tina Moore’s stonker ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’? We all know the line we simultaneously mumble on, one slight variation…‘never gonna let you go, coz you’re my baby, means more then a penis would’.

Who knew that UK Garage could be such an enigma?

My personal favourite misheard garage lyric goes to our Stage Manager’s rendition of Craig David ft. Artful Dodger’s Re-Rewind – ‘when the crowd so bo selecta’, which was misheard as ‘I got to post a letter’. He assures me that it was his 6 year old cousin who made the boo boo, but I’m not so sure.

Garage queen director Stef O’Driscoll had to be told that the lyrics to Over Here by M Dubs ft. Shy Cookie are in fact ‘listen to what the danman saying’, due to vocals from Richie Dan, after having sung ‘ listen to what the badman saying’ for the past 10 years. A fairly common error, to which Stef doesn’t back down, stating – ‘I’m sticking with badman’. She does her own thing.

But I think the crowning glory has to go to an anonymous contributor who by all standards smashed the misheard lyric game with his rendition of the classic namesake to Sabrina Mahfouz’s play. Our personal favourite WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK misheard lyric has to come from this guy. I mean we are still not sure what DJ Luck and MC Neat are saying… we’ve gone with with ‘holler with the rinsin’ sound, holler with the rinsin’ sound’, but an anonymous Garage extraordinaire upped his game when he thought the lyrics were ‘Ali Ali wets himself, Ali Ali wets himself’ – which I think we can all agree is a banger.

For anyone called Ali – we’re sorry, but forever in our minds you’ll be the guy who wet himself.

– Nadia

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK kicks off its UK-wide tour at the Garage, Norwich on 13 April and you can get tickets here. See you there? Excellent. 

Programme 2016

Here we go… the grand unveiling of our Programme 2016 in all its glory. A host of new plays from red hot writers hitting the road to the four corners of our green and pleasant land.

PP2016 season shows v8 web generic banner

Here’s a snapshot:

ROUNDABOUT features a new rep of three brand new plays by Katie Douglas, Alan Harris and Luke Norris at Summerhall in Edinburgh and on tour to Kent, Cornwall, Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

The world premiere of BROKEN BISCUITS by Tom Wells opens with our co-producers Live Theatre in Newcastle prior to a UK Tour.

WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK by Sabrina Mahfouz tours to 29 venues nationwide.

EVERY BRILLIANT THING is back on home soil by popular demand following an international tour.

COME TO WHERE I’M FROM comes to London with a week of live events across the capital featuring 30 playwrights.

Elinor Cook’s TEN WEEKS opens in London tonight.

Our transatlantic collaboration with legendary New York company Naked Angels sees two new radio plays by Nathan Bryon and Lucy Gillespie released as free to listen downloads.

Here’s what James & George have to say about it all:

“We’re raring to hit the road to the four corners of the UK with this cracking programme of new plays from some of the most exciting writers around. Roundabout will pop-up across the country with comedies from Luke Norris and Alan Harris, a superhero tale for children from Katie Douglas and a host of events from international visiting companies and local community groups, bringing a festival feel to every place it visits. We’re honoured to be working with talents as innovative as Sabrina Mahfouz – whose UK Garage musical is theatre you can rave to – and Tom Wells whose heart-warming new play will delight fans of his previous Paines Plough hit Jumpers For Goalposts. With Every Brilliant Thing returning to the UK after an international tour, London stories in Come To Where I’m From and new plays from Elinor Cook, Nathan Bryon, Lucy Gillespie, there’s a play for everyone, everywhere in Programme 2016.”

Paines Plough presents
2016 sees the return of Roundabout, our award-winning pop-up theatre. The all new Roundabout programme will preview from 19 – 24 July at Hackney Showroom in London before taking up residency once again at Summerhall during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then touring nationwide.

Roundabout will tour nationwide in partnership with The Lowry, Hall For Cornwall, Margate Theatre Royal, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Brewery Arts Centre, Barnsley Civic, Appetite Stoke-on-Trent and Revoluton, Marsh Farm Estate in Luton.

In rep will be three World Premieres…

A Paines Plough, Sherman Cymru and Theatr Clwyd production
By Alan Harris

A deliciously quirky comedy from Alan Harris about two teenagers in Merthyr Tydfil who fall in love in Tesco but face a fight to save their parents from self-destruction.

LLT 466

A Paines Plough production
By Luke Norris

A very funny new play from Luke Norris about a 20-something who tries to ignore a lump until it’s almost too late.

GROW 466

A Paines Plough and Half Moon production
By Katie Douglas

An epic superhero quest for ages 7 to 11-year-olds from Katie Douglas.


PLUS… Roundabout will again host a programme of visiting companies at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and on tour, and see the return of EARLIER / LATER, Paines Plough’s early morning and late night series of one-off shows, events, workshops and more.

A Paines Plough and Live Theatre production
By Tom Wells

The brand new play from JUMPERS FOR GOALPOSTS writer Tom Wells. A hilarious and heart-warming tale of three teenagers dreaming of rock ‘n’ roll stardom.

BB 466

A Paines Plough and Latitude Festival production
by Sabrina Mahfouz

Our hit UK Garage musical is back in our rehearsal room and getting set to hit the road to 29 venues nationwide. This is theatre you can rave to.


A Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company production
By Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe

Our worldwide hit show is back on home soil in Edinburgh and on a UK tour this Autumn.

EBT 466

A Paines Plough and Tamasha production

Since 2010 more than 100 playwrights have written plays about the place they call home as part of our nationwide project, but never in London… until now…


A Paines Plough and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama production
by Elinor Cook

Elinor Cook’s electrifying new play about the Alpha course transfers to The Gate in Notting Hill following its Cardiff premiere.

TW 466

Paines Plough and Naked Angels present
BILAL’S BIRTHDAY by Nathan Bryon
322 DAYS by Lucy Gillespie

Our transatlantic partnership with New York legends Naked Angels has resulted in these two cracking radio plays from rising US star Lucy Gillespie and our very own Playwright Fellow Nathan Bryon.

NA 466

Woop. And there’s lots more to come including a mega programme of visiting companies, one-off shows, events, workshops and fun stuff in Roundabout, the return of EARLIER/LATER, festival appearances, more tour dates, and probably other stuff we think up as we go along too.

But for now, welcome to Programme 2016. We hope you like it.