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TED-of-the-week: How to start a movement

We saw this on Monday at the What Next conference on the future of arts funding (a blog on that to follow, next week). It’s our TED-of-the-week.

TED(s)-of-the-week: Work/Life Balance

Here at PP it is very important to us that everyone who works for the company strives for a healthy work/life balance.

In an industry known for its long hours, working evenings and weekends and complete lack of lunch breaks, it’s common to encounter some form of burn-out – especially given that most theatre organisations are ambitiously reaching for a standard and volume of output often just slightly beyond their theoretical means.

So we were hugely inspired then, when we watched these two TED talks about the importance and value of a healthy work/life balance.

TED(ish)-of-the week: Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

So this isn’t technically a TED talk, but it does feature TED favourite Sir Ken Robinson, and the animation work that the RSA have done on the video is so incredible, it has beaten all TED contenders to become our TED(ish)-of-the-week.


TED of the week: Film, on tour.

This talk by Beeban Kidron is a huge inspiration behind our touring ambitions:

TED of the week: The true power of the performing arts

This week’s ‘TED of the week’ features a compelling case for the performing arts from Ben Cameron:


TED of the week: Sir Ken Robinson on ‘creativity’

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

Sir Ken Robinson

At a time when ministers are proposing to axe drama from the primary school curriculum, Sir Ken Robinson offers an irrefutable case for the value of valuing creativity.


TED of the week


We’re a bit late to the party, but thanks to our last Trainee Director and AD of Curious Directive Jack Lowe, we are now addicted to TED.

Every Friday lunchtime we gather the whole PP team to spend an hour talking about a different creative subject. A few weeks ago we watched this brilliant presentation about a theatre building in Texas that served as a inspiration to our ongoing plans for ROUNDABOUT: