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What do you do all day? Administrator

PP Administrator Simone Ibbett-Brown.

PP Administrator Simone Ibbett-Brown.

Name: Simone Ibbett-Brown
Job Title: Administrator

Hello! Can you give us a brief overview of your career so far?
After doing a load of producing while I was at uni, I was lucky enough to get a year-long traineeship with international-touring theatre company Cheek by Jowl through the incredible Creative Access paid internship scheme. During my time there I moved roles from Office Assistant to PA to the Artistic Directors, and then left to join Paines Plough as their Administrator in September of 2015.

How did you end up in your current role?
Actually, the previous Administrator at Paines Plough emailed me at Cheek by Jowl and asked if we would retweet their job vacancy… I did so and then went one better and applied for it myself!

What are your main responsibilities within Team PP?
One of my main duties is to assist Aysha (the General Manager) in ensuring that Paines Plough’s finances are looking peachy, so I work closely with the producing team on venue settlements and royalties, as well as doing the day to day accounting for the company.

Other aspects of my role include creating the newsletter, running our university placement scheme, and administrating a variety of PP events from Press Nights to fundraisers.

What do you think are the essential skills needed to be a successful Administrator?
Attention to detail, organisation, an enjoyment of numbers, and most importantly, communication skills. That doesn’t mean you have to be particularly outgoing or anything, but it’s important to be clear, friendly and switched on to what the other person really needs from you.

Real talk – what’s the least enjoyable part of your job?
Having to chase people for money – nobody wants to be a loan shark.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?
“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates

Okay, so maybe he didn’t give me that piece of advice personally, but as an Administrator I always aspire to be lazy. By which I of course mean I aspire to find new ways to make PP’s processes and procedures more efficient and helpful for all involved.

Hello (again!)… Charlotte



Hi everyone!

So, quick introduction, I’m Charlotte and I’m the new Finance & Admin Assistant here at Paines Plough.

I’ll probably be the one responding to your emails and greeting you at the office should anyone come calling (amongst other things of course).

I was first introduced to the world of new writing when I joined PP as Admin Placement in 2014. Getting to see shows such as HOPELESSLY DEVOTED and EVERY BRILLIANT THING make the journey from the rehearsal room out into the big wide world gave me so much enthusiasm at the thought that someday I’d be able to be a part of it all.

Fast forward 18 months and I’m back! As I write this, the WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK company are in their first day of rehearsals and it is sounding fantastic. I’m excited to see what this next year will bring, and even more thrilled at the prospect of experiencing my first (yes, I admit it, first) Edinburgh Fringe Festival with team PP in our wonderful ROUNDABOUT.

– Charlotte

Hello… Hugo


Hello you wonderful bunch!

It is lovely to e-meet everyone and to reach out to all of you. May I just say that you have totally landed in the right place. Whether you’re a theatre addict or you’ve just stumbled across this by chance and you’ve never heard of Paines Plough before, you are in safe hands, because I can tell you now that without the work Paines Plough are doing UK theatre wouldn’t be the same.

And can you believe it, I am lucky enough to have landed in their production office as their Production Placement for the next three months! So before I tell you all to rush out and see every Paines Plough show you can find (I once saw two in one night, round of applause please?)

I’ll tell you a little about my first couple of days. First of all I got to see their children’s show they’ve been touring with Roundabout for the last year. It’s called Our Teacher’s A Troll, and it’s a coproduction with Half Moon Theatre … and it was absolutely fantastic. It was such a wonderful show and I wish I’d have seen it when I was a kid (in fact when I told my parents about it they seemed to think I was accusing them of neglect “but we took you to Joseph, remember that?”).Back in the office I am currently grappling with facts and figures and spreadsheets, wondering if this is how they came up with the visuals for The Matrix. I am learning, which is great!

Bit about me, I love plays, seeing them, reading them, alphabetising them on my shelf at home, so I think I’ve hit the jackpot because now I get to read lots of the wonderful plays Paines Plough have been developing for their exciting programme that’s coming up for 2016. Trust me guys, you’re in for a treat. That’s me done, so if you’re new to this make sure you stick around, and if you’re one of our wonderful regulars keep on the lookout for all things Paines Plough.

Cheers for reading, get seeing some shows now,




Hi, I’m Seb, the new Admin Placement at Paines Plough and I’m totally excited for the next 3 months.  PP has done so much great work in the past and ever since I saw their production of THE ANGRY BRIGADE at the Bush Theatre I’ve been bursting to take part in the fantastic work this company does.

Everyone here has been so lovely and welcoming me with an amazing warmth and care, it’s like joining a big family… For the next week I’ll be shadowing Bhavini, the current Trainee Administrator, before I then take over since she’ll go on a hopefully great holiday in India. Thus I’ll hit the ground running, which is great, because I can’t wait to become a part of this company…

This placement is an amazing opportunity and will definitely turn my gap year into an unforgettable experience…PP here I come!!!!

Hello from Nadia


I’ve been at Paines Plough for about 2 months now so I thought it was about time I said a big hello to everyone…HELLO! I’m Nadia and I am the new trainee director from Birkbeck. In our second year, we get put on placement at a theatre somewhere around the country, we apply and if successful get to spend up to 9 months working with amazing playhouses and theatre companies…and I really do think I’ve hit the jackpot working with Paines Plough.

My first assist was with Stef O’Driscoll, PP’s associate director, on Sabrina Mahfouz’s WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK, which premiered at Latitude festival. As a Latitude virgin I was glad to be in the safe hands of the PP team. But more importantly it was my first hedonistic leap into what PP was about. And aside from being probably the friendliest people I’ve ever met, my god do they care about theatre and all those involved.

Ok, I may be slightly biased here, seeing as though they took me under their wing and made me feel very much at home, but I also like to pay heed to people outside PPHQ and in Edinburgh this year, I gave a helping hand to the running of Roundabout. I was so proud to sickeningly gush about how great PP was, and rather then it being a one sided conversation, audience members responded by gushing back! It was great, and so inspiring to a young theatre maker.

But it was in my most recent conversation with George Perrin, as we discussed PP’s style of programming, when all that I had learnt over the past 2 months fell into place. I was about to jump on a train to Leeds to see EVERY BRILLIANT THING and George said that rather then holding up a mirror to the world to show the disarray and discontent, PP wants to provide hope and a feeling that there is greatness out there, even amongst the more tiresome of times. As a young theatre maker, angst was always my go to. Get people rattled by showing them how crap everything was. But I had come to realise that by being around people that care so much, are friendly, approachable and willing to demystify this wonderful world of theatre, the angst was just adding to the discontent around us. And that if we can spread a little bit of hope out into the world through theatre, for example, then maybe a change is a-coming. Maybe that’s the way to get people to engage with theatre, and with the people and issues around them.

I took someone to see EVERY BRILLIANT THING in Leeds last night, someone who isn’t really interested in theatre, someone who would probably find theatre quite cheesy, someone who probably would have preferred to watch the Arsenal match and the first thing he said to me as we walked out the door was – ‘I feel warm inside’. We walked out of the theatre in the highest of spirits. What George had said to me earlier that day rang in my ears – I couldn’t help but think that by making theatre which showed real people and how they find hope rather than wallow in how rubbish everything is, my night was inherently better.

Hello from Leyla


I’m Leyla, the new production placement here at PPHQ (I’m getting used to the acronyms already). I’m joining the team for the next three months from my MA in Theatre Producing over at Birkbeck.

It’s been a fantastic first few weeks – as soon as I stepped into the office, I was handed a play-text and told I could go off and read it. Reading a play was now something I could do in work time. Can it get any better than that?  It could – the play I was reading turned out to be With A Little Bit Of Luck, by Sabrina Mafhouz. I’ve just seen her last play, Chef, at the Soho theatre (check it out if you haven’t already, it’s amazing), and now I was reading her next piece. Which we’re taking to Latitude. Yep, Latitude. Another thing I found out on my first day; I’m going to Latitude!

I’m also really excited that the PP team (PPT? not sure that’s official yet) is moving over the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for august. The Fringe is probably my favourite place in the world, having grown up half an hour outside of Edinburgh. Yes, this does mean I’m part of the growing Scottish Mafia here at PPHQ (Rachel is the trainee producer you met a few weeks ago, it made me extremely happy to hear her dulcet Glaswegian tones as I stepped into the office).  We’ll be running down down the corridor shouting “FREEDOM” any day now!

Leyla x


Hello from Rachel.


‘Hello! Rachel from Paines Plough here…’

That’s become my most used phrase on the phone and email in the nearly four weeks since I joined the team at PP. I have the incredible opportunity to spend a year here as Trainee Producer thanks to the amazing Creative Access initiative.

Even now I still do a double-take on my route to work – yes, that IS The Shard! And The Lyceum! And the Savoy! Living in London I basically spend my days wandering around the real-life Monopoly board. I’m a native Glaswegian y’see – which explains my selfie in front of the ad for Irn Bru at Blackfriars station! – and much like Oliver Twist, have come to London to seek my fortune.

It hasn’t taken me long to consider myself at home although it’s been all systems go since I arrived! My first day at Paines Plough set the bar pretty high as I attended the press night for THE ANGRY BRIGADE at the Bush Theatre – amazing. I was totally rapt by the lyrical dialogue and punchy performances – it’s the kind of theatre that gets under your skin and makes you feel. The kind of theatre that lives and breathes in the space, that grabs the audience and takes you along for the ride – it’s the proper good stuff.

Since starting I’ve also clocked up my first experience of Open Auditions at the Roundabout down in blustery Brighton, I’ve gotten my hands on the newly delivered second draft of With a Little Bit of Luck and wangled my way into the audition room too. Result! Plus I was treated to my first Taste Tuesday courtesy of Francesca. That being said I now have The Fear™ as I cannot cook…


Interviewing the audience at Roundabout in Brighton; Inside the auditions for With a Little Bit of Luck; Interviewing Duncan and Dennis down by the South Bank and enjoying the view.

Talking of Roundabout, I can barely contain my excitement that it is Fringe-bound this August – can’t wait for a trip back to bonny Scotland! I’m so, so looking forward to being right in the centre of all the action at Summerhall.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for interviews with Duncan Macmillan and Dennis Kelly which will be appearing soon. I was lucky enough to talk to both playwrights about their shows which will be popping up during the Roundabout season at the South Bank. What a total treat to get to chat about their creative processes and experience of making work especially for Roundabout; I can’t quite believe it’s my job.

Signing off for now as I have to-do list as long as my arm!

Rachel x




Say hello to Bhavini


Hey everyone! I am extremely thrilled to be part of Paines Plough as Trainee Administrator for the next year.

Kick-starting my first week off was a fantastic introduction to the company – I got to witness the rising of the Roundabout at the phenomenal Backstage Centre in Thurrock while getting showered in play texts and PP love.

For the rest of the week in the office I’ve steadily been making a butt-groove in my desk chair and getting to know every nook and cranny of the building (I have so many left to find!). All in all, a brilliant first week at PPHQ.

Like Natalie I got this opportunity through Creative Access – a fantastic government funded scheme that provides creative internships for those of a BAME background. I am very grateful and honoured to have received this opportunity through CA and look forward to being part of a lively, hilarious and intelligent bunch of people.

And not to forget, Taste Tuesday and general foodiness around the office. Omg.


Claudel 2

Hi Claudel, tell us what you’ll be doing and working on whilst you’re with Paines Plough…  

Hello! I’ll be the admin intern over three months at PP, supporting day to day administration of the company.

When did you first come across PP?

I was looking for a work placement in the theatre industry as part of my MA at City University when I discovered Paines Plough: a small team working on a collective basis, innovative plays, tasty Tuesdays…what more could I ask for?

What excites you the most about joining team PP?

I cant wait to see the Roundabout !!! (Paines Plough’s flat pack theatre)

What challenges are you looking forward to?

Really understanding the main issues faced by a theatre company like Paines Plough, from fundraising through to marketing, touring and production.

Can you tell us what you’re working on this week?

This week I’ve been updating the website with all the new touring dates for EVERY BRILLIANT THING soon coming back from New York and about to tour across the UK.

Tea and scones or coffee and a brownie?

And what about a cheese platter with a glass of Petite Arvine…?




Hi Joe, what brings you to Paines Plough? 

Hi everyone, I’m the Production Placement for the next few months here at Paines Plough!

When did you first hear about PP?

I first heard about Paines Plough sometime in fall term of 2014 when my professor spoke about The Angry Brigade. Then, I was informed of a placement opportunity with PP and knew I had to apply!

What excites you the most about joining team PP?

I’m excited to see the whole process of everyone bringing ideas to the table and then watching them come to life.

What challenges are you looking forward to?

I’m not sure, to be honest! But, I’m ready to face whatever is thrown at me.

Can you tell us what you’re working on this week?

This week, I’ve been researching flights and accommodation for SeaWall, organizing a contact list for the upcoming Every Brilliant Thing tour, and archiving photos of Paines Plough productions over the last 40 years! Some of the productions look so amazing; I wish I was around to see them while they were running.

Tea and scones or coffee and a brownie?

Oooh, how about tea and a brownie? Or tea and a sleeve of Jaffa Cakes!