As rehearsals for Smithereens head into the final stages Adam Coutts (Ryan) gives us an insight into life in the rehearsal room…..

” It’s all happened rather quickly. Week four of Smithereens rehearsals have bitten the dust and we’re hurtling towards production week in the Barn Theatre at Rose Bruford College. It’s been a very exciting week with lots going on. We’ve had train seats arrive from Wales, mannequins getting shot at and we’ve continued to explore the play in more depth.

Sean’s been popping in as much as he can to give us invaluable insights into his writing. As a drama school student I’ve been used to working with playwrights who can only be contacted via a medium or seance, and even for the most committed actor, channeling the spirits of Gorky or Shakespeare can be a bit excessive- not to mention dangerous. It’s been great to have a real life writer in the rehearsal room to question.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into cognitive behavioral therapy this week with my fellow cast member Danielle Binns (who plays Shaz). You’ll see the relevance of that when you come and see the play. As part of our research we watched a mammoth two hour long VHS from the 90’s. It’s fair to say the tape hadn’t aged well but the Gary Barlow lookalike that presented it kept us entertained throughout.

We had the birthday of Daniel Tiplady (who plays Luke) this week and Natalia (Karen) brought in a stupendous homemade apple and cherry cake. Working on the scenes can be quite intense and emotionally draining, so the cake and ‘happy birthday’ singing was a nice bit of cheeriness in between.

The play in itself is shaping up really well and there’s a great feeling throughout the cast and crew. We’ve all worked hard and I really think we have something strong. It’ll be great to finally show Sean’s play to an audience and see what they think about it. ”

– Adam Coutts