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Review of the Year 2013

Our Programme 2013 saw us produce new work by 15 playwrights across 8 productions touring to 44 towns and cities nationwide.

We send love and thanks to all who came to see a PP show this year, and we hope you’ll join us in 2014 as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary with a stellar programme of new plays on tour.

Meantime, here’s a quick lowdown on the year that was…

WASTED by Kate Tempest
Back by popular demand, WASTED completed our inaugural CAMPUS tour of Student Unions before a second sold-out run at London’s Roundhouse, where we live streamed a performance for the first time.

“Ingenious…funny and true.”
★★★★ The Guardian

“A slender, wistful three-way play that’s as seductive as smoke.”
★★★★ Time Out

You still have one more day to catch the live stream if you missed it!

LUNGS by Duncan Macmillan
Our co-production with Sheffield Theatres of Duncan Macmillan’s award-winning, much-loved LUNGS was broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

“The most beautiful… shattering play of the year.”
★★★★★ Sunday Express

GOOD WITH PEOPLE by David Harrower
First co-produced by Paines Plough and Òran Mór as part of A Play, A Pie and A Pint in 2010, GOOD WITH PEOPLE made it all the way to 59E59 Theatres in New York in 2013.

“Harrower’s beautiful, deceptive wisp of a play…Duff and Scott-Ramsay are perfection.”
Ben Brantley, New York Times

On home soil, we took COME TO WHERE I’M FROM – our theatrical tapestry of the UK, woven by writers asking if home is really where the heart is – to Plymouth and Leeds this year.

Check out some insights from our playwrights here.

In partnership with Pentabus, we premiered Duncan MacMillan’s EVERY BRILLIANT THING at Ludlow Fringe Festival and Ledbury Poetry Festival last summer.

Here’s what audiences had to say:

“Altogether so human, so relatable…it uplifts and enlightens, exploring the joy and endless possibility of humanity.”

SEA WALL by Simon Stephens
Andrew Scott reprised his acclaimed performance for an exclusive seven nights only in Simon Stephens’ SEA WALL at The Shed at The National Theatre.

“One of the most devastating 30 minutes you are ever likely to experience in the theatre.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“As engaging and devastating a piece of theatre as you’re likely to find….”
★★★★★ Independent

Following the huge success of WASTED, we were reunited with performance poet Kate Tempest for HOPELESSLY DEVOTED, which opened with our co-producers at Birmingham Rep and toured the Midlands in September-October. HOPELESSLY DEVOTED will return for a Spring 2014 tour.

“The play sings and soars, a little shard of lyrical brilliance… startlingly beautiful.”
★★★★ The Times

“Outstanding… The writing is fantastic, with just the right balance of spoken word, song and dialogue.”
★★★★★ The Public Reviews

And some words from our Tweeters:

“Absolutely loved #HopelesslyDevoted. Now that’s the theatre that gets my blood pumping.”

And last but certainly not least, Tom Wells’ infectiously funny, critically acclaimed football rom-com JUMPERS FOR GOALPOSTS, which we co-produced with Watford Palace Theatre and Hull Truck.

“The perfect winter-warmer…blissfully funny…deeply affecting”
★★★★★ Daily Telegraph

“Wells has given us another winner…Unreservedly recommended.”
★★★★★ Independent

“A razor sharp, beautifully human script that brings to life characters that every one of us will know, but whom rarely get to claim their space within gay culture.”
★★★★★ Attitude Magazine

And on the Twittersphere:

“Jumpers for Goalposts. One of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen this year. Am totally speechless.”

Playing at The Bush Theatre until 4 January 2014. Book tickets here.

It’s been a wonderful year of theatre (and cake!) and there’s no denying we couldn’t have had as much without you (and cake!) coming along for the ride.

So – keep eating cake, and we wish you all a merry Christmas! Catch you next year?

Team PP x

Cupcake? :)

WASTED – Live Broadcast from The Roundhouse

Following our CAMPUS tour of WASTED, visiting 8 universities across the country and bowing out to a very loud and lively audience in Lincoln last week, we are unbelievably excited to bring Kate Tempest’s debut play back to London’s Roundhouse as part of The Last Word Festival until Sunday 24th November.

What’s even more exciting, is that this Thursday 21st November at 8pm GMT, we will be live streaming the performance, thanks to the Roundhouse Bloomberg Broadcast Volunteers.

Having toured WASTED to 52 venues across the UK since 2011, we are thrilled to be giving audiences everywhere the opportunity to see Kate’s smash hit play.

So join us online and let us know by tweeting us @painesplough #katetempestwasted

The performance will be available for free on demand until 21st December, and you can watch it here.

To book tickets for WASTED at the Roundhouse click here.

Want more things WASTED?

Have a little look at what some of our CAMPUS audience had to say.

Check out the WASTED trailer, browse our Flickr gallery or tweet @painesplough #KateTempestWasted.

See you at the Roundhouse!


We’re diggin’ it, diggin’ it, diggin’ it, we’re diggin’ it like this…

As we set to come home to London with ‘Wasted’, here’s a little insight into the weird and wonderful world of touring digs.


Some of the characters and events that take part in this blog have been made up for our own entertainment. (Apart from Alice been caught on the bog that one was definitely true I have pictures, no word of lie!)


WHAN that Aprille with his shoures soote

The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,

And bathed every veyne in switch licour,

Of which vertu engendred is the flour;

A man called Colith and a landlady named Louliegh.

The Place was great, the coffee was free but underhand flirting

Happened as we three watched, perched on a stool made from

Cheap leather and shipped from IKEA as she laid down the rules with an iron fist:

No Shoes on the carpets!

No drips on the shower room walls for fear of condensations that may deliver black Pours!

The door must be opened with a confident turn of the key for a shakey hand would Make far too much noise and awaken the beast with her sixteen year old boy!

And if the keys were misplaced then heavens offend “The locks will be changed and You will be charged at a standard rate to compensate your flaccid facade!”

The romance was set as we left for the show for candles were laid and the freshly painted magnolia walls were doused in perfume with a petal laden path for the unsuspecting Colith, with Louliegh herself in a dripping gown fresh from the bath to congratulate this warrior for his gargantuan task of ferrying her to and thro to the towering superstore named B&Q home.

“Oh Colin! Your wife wouldn’t like that!”

The affair consummated, the travelers three, returned from their performance showered with praise as the full house applauded and rose to their feet. An exceptional time for all to be had in this town of Canterbury, just know, whatever you do don’t spill the beans when traveling through, for cuckolds are lurking in every hotel, the Wifi is free and the towels are complementary, just keep your doors locked before you become prey to the land lady Louleigh and her carnivorous ploy to have you for dinner with her sixteen year old boy!


Digs for Cary and Bradley and Alice,

Was a fire-escape dorm, not a palace.

The door to the loo,

Was completely see through,

It was booked in a moment of malice!

THE HUB – Peterborough Odyssey 2013

In the future, ‘The Hub’ will be a 3* establishment.

In the future,  ‘The Hub’ will have to be knocked down for that to be true.

In the future, we won’t be staying in plastic pods in the playground.

In the future, the toilets will not smell of urine

In the future, ‘The Hub’ will be teleported from it’s industrial wasteland home to anywhere, as anywhere’s better than there

In the future, Bradley won’t get lost on his mission to McDonalds

In the future, we’ll turn the heating down instead of wedging the door open with a towel in the middle of the night leaving us prey to the violent Russian builders across the way.

In the future, we may dare to use the showers.

In the future, the corridors will not be strewn with Rubble.

In the future, the reception will be manned and the keys to the front door will work.
In the future, ‘The Hub’ will be built.

In the future, ‘The Hub’ will be a 3* establishment…

With communal showers and plastic lidless loos, we fear the future is not coming! The future’s too bright, the future is actually orange-plastic paneling… If the future is The Hub, The future has no stars, just strip lights burning down on broken cars.


‘The sleep of reason breeds monsters’

‘It’ll shine when it shines’

‘We all thought officious little prick’

Chapter 1

‘This place is huge! How do we get in anyway? Is that a door? No door bell. What about over there? Locked. Ok? Erm… Down there? Nah it’s definitely not down there. What about that? Well it’s open. Guys I don’t think this is the place. What is this place? Look, through there, what’s that? I’ll have a look? Ok, ok looks like it could be a hotel. There’s a man. Do you think he works here? Not sure… maybe. Excuse me do you know where reception is?’

‘Down the mirror corridor’

‘ Ok, thank y… hello? Oh. I think he’s gone. Down here? Maybe. I guess so, there are a lot of mirrors. Look there’s champagne in the windows. This is like the Ritz in paris. Yeah, in the 70’s. What is this place? Oh my God look at this, chandeliers. This place is cool! I like this place. It’s ridiculous. £30 a night? This is awesome. There’s no one here. Look at this place. It’s fucking massive. There’s a ballroom. There is seriously no one here. What’s that? I think it’s a toy. It’s He-man. How did it get up there? Are you taking a photo? Err Yeah, of course. Look reception.

‘Hello… Welcome to the Allesley’

Chapter 2

‘It’s locked. You need to call the number. Wait here’s someone. Thanks, well at least we know we’re not the only ones here. Should we just here and finish our food? Yeah. That kebab was amazing. That club was amazing. Yeah, Pie and wings… not so great. Ah… hi mate, is there any chance we could get a beer?

‘Have you got cash?’

‘Can we charge it to the room?


‘Oh… Erm, I got some change, maybe we could share a beer? No, you have a beer, it’s your birthday. Yeah, you can have some though. I’m all right mate, f*^ked. Pint please, mate. Where’s he going? I think he’s just got cans stashed in the back room. Sean Lock’s brother’

‘There you go. Working here are you?’

Yeah, we’ve just done a show’

‘Oh performers are you? Yeah I’ve met a few performers. Yeah… Doesn’t faze me though. My mum was a performer you see. Dancer. She’s worked with them all, yeah… Vivien Leigh, Olivier, She was in… What was she in? What’s that film? Well that was back in the 20’s. But what she taught me was that they’re just normal people. Normal people you see. So I’m not fazed.’

‘You could look less like Sean Lock.’

Chapter 3

‘Guys… I think there was blood dripping down my wall.’

Get set to get WASTED

By popular demand… it’s back.

Kate Tempest‘s WASTED sets off on another nationwide tour next week prior to a second run at London’s Roundhouse.

The show began life at the Latitude Festival back in the mists of 2011, and has since played almost 70 dates across the UK from Bromsgrove to Bestival to Bracknell.

This Autumn sees WASTED visit student unions as part of our inaugural CAMPUS tour, before returning to The Roundhouse as part of The Last Word Fesitval.

We’re welcoming Cary Crankson and Bradley Taylor back to the cast, and unveiling our new signing Alice Haig, who plays the role of Charlotte.

Kicking off in Canterbury next Wednesday, WASTED then heads of to…

CANTERBURY -The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury, 30 October 2013
ABERYSTWYTH – Aberystwyth Students Union at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2 November 2013
PETERBOROUGH – Key Theatre, Peterborough, 6 November 2013
SHEFFIELD – University of Sheffield, The School of English Theatre Workshop, 7 November 2013
LEEDS – Leeds University Union, 8 November 2013
BUCKINGHAM – University of Buckingham, The Radcliffe Centre, 9 November 2013
WARWICK – Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Copper Rooms One, Student Union, 11 – 12 November 2013
LINCOLN – Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, 14 November 2013
LONDON – Roundhouse, London, 16 – 24 November 2013

CAMPUS is PP’s new initiative to tour the best new plays to the heart of campus. WASTED has already played a host of non-traditional theatre spaces from music festivals to schools to an empty shop in Coventry, and now it’s headed for the sticky basements of student unions. We’re passionate about taking our work to everyone, everywhere, and CAMPUS is our latest venture in making new plays more accessible.

If you’re a student and would like us to visit your campus, hit us up.

Meantime, check out the WASTED trailer here, or browse our Flickr gallery.



PP heads to NSDF

We’re really excited to announce that PP will be heading to this years’ National Student Drama Festival. Headlining Sunday night of the festival on March 24th, Kate Tempest’s WASTED will end its 2013 spring tour at the Spa Grand Hall in Scarborough at 11.15pm.

We’ll be around before and after the show, so please do come and chat to us about how to get WASTED on your university campus.

Then on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th, our General Manager, Claire, Producer Tara, and Administrator (soon to be Assistant Producer) Hanna, will be running three workshops on producing and management of a touring theatre company. Any emerging companies wanting an insight into the behind-the-scenes world of budgets, contracts and co-productions, do come along. Information about the workshops and how to register will be published on the NSDF website soon.

While we’re there, we’ll also be fitting in as many of this year’s selected shows as we can. Thrilled to see that some of these include plays by past PP writers Simon StephensPhilip Ridley.

This year’s NSDF runs from 23-29 March 2013 in Scarborough. You can buy tickets for the festival here.

WASTED Scene Three: A party in a warehouse in Peckham.


Back in September 2011, we wrote on this blog about our brand new initiative to tour our work to the heart of universities – CAMPUS.

Last year, we piloted the idea by opening our tour of Kate Tempest’s WASTED at Birmingham City University Students’ Union and Birmingham Metropolitan College Students’ Union. We also visited the Gulbenkian on the University of Canterbury campus.

Here’s what happened:

Now the show is back on the road, the next stop is Nottingham where – in partnership with one of the country’s leading student drama groups the New Theatre – WASTED will land on Thursday 7th March at 10.00pm. Find out how you can be there by visiting the company’s Facebook group, and reserve tickets by emailing

If you’re a university, college or school student and you want to see WASTED on your campus we want to hear from you. Contact Hanna on or 0207 240 4533.

Check out the current WASTED tour schedule here.

And here’s the trailer for the show:

Get Wasted on campus

Calling all students. We want to get you WASTED.

Next year we’re touring Kate Tempest’s exhilarating debut play to student unions across the country. Whether you have a theatre, a studio, a student union bar or club, we want to come to your campus.

All you have to do is get in touch with Hanna on or tweet us @painesplough to let us know you’d like to see the show at your Uni and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s a film trailer for the show to whet your appetite:

We’re planning to tour more shows to Student Unions in the future under a new touring strand. We’ve imaginatively titled it CAMPUS, and we hope to bring at least one new play per year to students everywhere. So get in touch if you want your Uni on our Campus tour list.