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Catching up with the cast of BLISTER

The talented cast of BLISTER – the electrifying new play Laura Lomas – have been hard at work these past few weeks at RWCMD, with the brilliant Stef O’Driscoll.

As we open the show in Cardiff tomorrow, Tuesday 1 April, we caught up with the cast for a round-up of all things BLISTER. Here’s what they had to share:

Mark Newsome:

I have really enjoyed working on this show – working with new writing has been fantastic and you really have the freedom to do what you want to do. Creating a character that’s never been portrayed before is a great opportunity for an actor and you don’t feel pressure to do something that’s ‘right’.

However it also comes with it’s challenges! We had a re-write quite soon before going into tech, but that’s also quite exciting. You don’t have time to panic, you just have to do it and for me that’s quite exhilarating.

Working with Stef has been fantastic. Because she’s so cool and down to earth, you get along with her very easily and that makes rehearsals much more fun – and you need that as some scenes are quite heavy. She’s really helped me go deep and find detail in everything I do. She’s brilliant. We love her.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Here are some rehearsal snaps from the last few weeks:


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Introducing the cast of BLISTER by Laura Lomas

We’re delighted that BLISTER,  the gripping new play by Laura Lomas, begins rehearsals today at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Introducing the talented cast:

Mari Izzard, Robin Willingham, Mark  Newsome, Rebecca Durbin, Tessie Orange-Turner, Jay Worley and Danny Mellor.


Some exciting times ahead. Great to get the ball rolling on this co-production with RWCMD and the Gate Theatre. For full production details, click here.

Join us online: @painesplough #BlisterPlay