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Forward Theatre: Genesis


Our brilliant Associate Company, Forward Theatre Project, are touring their new show GENESIS this autumn. Artistic Director, Charlotte Bennett, tells us what it’s all about…

In 2013, I met a brilliant, inspiring woman called Morag Siller.

Morag was an actress, had incurable breast cancer and was the patron of charity Prevent Breast Cancer. She told me about this small but radical organisation; the UK’s only charity to solely focus on breast cancer prevention, which had started with a vision of finding an alternative way to achieve a breast cancer free future – and I was blown away.

Morag wanted to create a play to raise awareness of prevention and asked if I would work with her. We wanted to look at how we could reach not only scientific minds but non-scientific ones by telling the human stories behind the science. And so myself and playwright Frazer Flintham, interviewed patients and scientists to create a new play: GENESIS, which tells a story about genetic testing for breast cancer.


As part of ‘tooling up’ we spent hours ensuring we understood the science and the terms (the sort of stuff that if you are a non-science bod make you want to bolt). We know how to tell human stories, but understanding the science was the real challenge. It was hard but GLORIOUS. And the support from the brilliant staff at Prevent Breast Cancer empowered us to make a play that is now as scientifically informed as it is theatrically crafted.

Morag passed away in April. She was a woman who campaigned right to the end of her life to bring the science of this charity into the fore of the conversation about a breast cancer free future. And she was also a brilliant actress who recognised the ability of theatre to have conversations with audiences about difficult things like genetic testing by using humour, drama and story. And so we make this one for her.

And now here we are, rehearsing this important piece of theatre in Manchester. We premiere at The Lowry, Salford. We then tour to Soho Theatre, London, then to Cumbria, Preston and Doncaster.


Booking details are here:

11th – 12th November The Lowry (8pm, 2.30pm and 8pm) Tickets £12 / £10 concessions

15th – 19th November Soho Theatre (7pm, Sat matinee 4pm) Tickets £16 / £14 concessions

22nd November Beggar’s Theatre Cumbria (7.30pm) Tickets £10 / £7 concessions

23rd November  Preston Continental  (8pm) Tickets £8 / £6 concessions

24th November Cast Doncaster (7.45pm) Tickets £10.50 / £9 concessions

GENESIS is supported by funding from Arts Council England, the Teale Charitable Trust, the Richard Carne Trust, Talbot Validus, the Granada Foundation, the Unity Theatre Trust, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Morag Siller, other private donors, and our crowdfund backers.

Middle Child join PP as Associate Company

We’re thrilled to announce Middle Child as a new Associate Company at PP.

We’re big fans of the Hull based new writing collective, we think they’re one of the most exciting companies around. They are theatremakers after our own hearts with a passion for playwrights, touring, and making exciting shows in interesting spaces for non-traditional audiences. We love their spirit and brand of striking in-yer-ears gig theatre mixing contemporary stories with soundtracks that get your feet moving.


We’re thrilled they’ve agreed to join Theatre Uncut and Forward Theatre Project as a Paines Plough Associate Company. It means we get to hang out with them, exchange ideas and provocations and hopefully help them out a bit.

Our AD James says: “Middle Child are provocateurs. They think theatre needs to change and they’re going about changing it. I love their work, their values and pledges, their punk attitude, their taste in writers and music, their passion for Hull. Theatre needs Middle Child. We’re proud to have such an important, boundary-pushing company as a PP Associate.”

Middle Child AD Paul says: “Everyone at Middle Child is buzzing at becoming associates of Paines Plough. We absolutely love their work and have been inspired by their dedication to new writing and new audiences for a long time. They make quality, modern, bold theatre that truly makes a difference. We can’t wait to work with them and learn from their vast experience as we continue creating gig theatre that sets fire to what a night at the theatre can be.”



To celebrate, we’re announcing a very special Edinburgh LATER hosted by Middle Child in Roundabout @ Summerhall on Saturday 20 August at 10:30pm.


The world is a strange place in 2016. We all know that, right?

Middle Child and Luke Barnes’ SOME TINY PLAYS ABOUT HOW FUCKED WE ALL ARE uses verbatim text from the internet to explore the world we live in. From arguments about how many days in a week to Donald Trump poetry and 1D Fan Fiction we explore whether modern life really is rubbish after all.

It’s part-Mock The Week, part-Buzzfeed and part-piss up. Come along for a few drinks, a few laughs and a game of The Great British Bingo Off (complete with terrible prizes).

Tickets here.



We also highly recommend you check out Middle Child’s Edinburgh hit TEN STOREY LOVE SONG at Pleasance Dome 3-29 Aug, 5.20pm.

About Middle Child

We are Middle Child, theatre that makes a noise.

We are a Hull-based company creating gig theatre events that capture the electrifying moment when the beat drops, mixing original live music with bold new writing. Our events explore what it means to live in modern Britain while recognising the importance of theatre as a social event, giving audiences a reason to come early and stay late. We prioritise liveness in our work, acknowledging this audience in this space at this time. We will always have a strong northern voice and are committed to ensuring that theatre is affordable and accessible for all. At a Middle Child event you are as likely to meet the love of your life as you are to be told a great story. Attendance at one of our events prompts fear of a hangover as much as even the cheapest student night.